Montreal Autism and Psychological Evaluation Clinic

CÉPAM was founded by two Clinical Psychologists who have worked together since 2007, initially in the public health sector, and then in private clinics. Our clinic specializes in the diagnostic evaluation of Autism Spectrum Disorders, in children and adults and offers an array of other services as well.



Find out about our various psychological services, and read about the detailed process involved in Autism Diagnostic Evaluations.


Autism Spectrum Diagnostic evaluations

The process involved in the assessment of Autism includes the use of specific evaluation tools (ADI-R and ADOS-2) in order to ensure the best possible reliability of the outcome of the evaluation.

Autism Evaluations to assess progress and update goals

These evaluations are useful as ‘updates’ for children and teenagers who already have a diagnosis of autism and who follow early interventions programs (or attend school).

Cognitive evaluations

Cognitive evaluations are what we commonly refer to as ‘IQ testing’. They can be performed as a standalone evaluation, if there are concerns about intellectual abilities for example, or as part of a more complex evaluation (School derogations,  ASD, ADHD etc.).

Other services

We also offer intervention services in psycho-education as well as support from a social worker. Other services in psychology include school derogations, play therapy for children as well as anxiety management for children.

It is not easy to take the step where you decide you need to proceed with an evaluation. As hard as it can be to take that step, I see families who feel a deep sense of relief once the evaluation is complete, whether a diagnosis is confirmed or ruled out. Being able to talk about it with someone who understands and can also provide an expert opinion, and realizing that they are not the only ones in this situation, brings great comfort to parents. The assessment provides a better understanding, and allows parents to adjust to their child’s needs.

– Anne-Marie Ghosn


Beyond the extensive clinical experience Anne-Marie and Sabrina have accumulated over the years, they understand how it feels to be parents. The good times we cherish, but also the tough ones. Because they understand what it is like to worry and not know what is wrong, they know how crucial it is to identify your child’s needs or difficulties, and orient you towards the proper resources or services.